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Where new horizons of investment unfold.

Unraveling the Tapestry of the Future: Marabella & Co introduces a groundbreaking approach to investing in real-world assets. We don't follow paths; we craft them. Welcome to the forefront of financial transformation.


Assets Under Management.

*As of November 20, 2023

2 offices

Located in Spain and Andorra.

3 business areas

Investment, real state, and innovative, disruptive technology.

Business areas

Welcome to the future of real state investment



Operational center located in Spain with a team boasting over 25 years of experience. All real estate investment operations are conducted through a tokenization platform developed by Perfect Division S.L.


Inmobalize solutions

InmoBalize Solutions excels in holistic coliving project management, offering modern shared living with dining and gym amenities. Our emphasis is on fostering collaborative communities and delivering top-notch resident services.


Perfect division

Technology center of the group composed of a tech team specialized in blockchain technology, responsible for carrying out the technological development, as well as handling third-party commercialization (SaaS).

Our leaderships

Board of directors

Marabella & Co boasts a team of professionals with extensive experience and dedication in their respective fields. Covering various areas, it's possible to manage investments comprehensively, always delivering maximum value to its investors.

Gerard Marabella
CEO & co-founder
Joana Marabella
CLO and Co-founder
Christophe Canler
Senir Advisor and board memeber
Carlos Salinas
Senir Advisor and board memeber
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